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Why MestroCash

Why MestroCash


We place customer account protection on top of our priorities. We are constantly developing our security systems to ensure maximum protection for our customers.




MestroCash is the pioneer of the money transfer sector in most Arab countries through several centers providing customers with multiple options to carry out transactions in a convenient and simple way through the automated system. MestroCash is the department responsible for transferring funds locally and internationally. We always focus on excellence in service and customer satisfaction.



Why choose MestroCash ?

MestroCash conversion services are designed to meet customer requirements in one place. Our services include all international and domestic remittances with very competitive transaction fees and exchange rates. We also have privileged relations with the leading and most prestigious countries in the world to facilitate money transfer services. Our centers can send money immediately. You can also find our locations in the most strategic locations and in Peru, where we always keep in mind that our customers can easily reach us and make their experience easier. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand and service excellence we have added more centers in the near future. In addition, a distinguished team of multinationals is able to communicate in several languages, enabling customers to communicate on their requirements without bothering.



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