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Features and benefits of using the MestroCash

  • Features and benefits of using the MestroCash
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Features and Benefits of MestroCash Card:

You can get the MestroCash card with a maximum score of up to $ 100,000. Which makes it easier for customers to carry out all their transactions with flexibility. MestroCash has a wide spread in most Arab countries to provide agents and distributors spread to ensure easy financial transactions.

 MestroCash has sought to provide a sophisticated application interface that enables companies to follow your customers 'and accounts' accounts safely and accurately, which ensures the ease and flexibility in the processes of withdrawal, speed and accuracy in the adoption of financial operations of the card.

Mestrokash guarantees that the total decline in the requests for refund of funds by a very large amount through the signing of the client's papers with the distributor and the company proves his consent to the credit amount of your card. It also provides the client with the appropriate environment to guarantee his rights in the event of any defect in any agreement with the company.  MestroCash card is easy and flexible to deal with, and is the ideal solution for many prepaid cards in your dealings.

 MestroCash offers unique and varied offers to companies, which make you a leader in business and provide you with a lot of effort in your financial transactions in addition to you can receive money easily through bank transfers or instant delivery (cash) anywhere in the world.

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